Casting A New School Heroes vs. Villains


Frequently touted as the greatest season of all time, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains was a massive hit that felt like the perfect way to celebrate the show's twentieth season. With the relative success of repeat themes like the Blood vs. Water format and Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty division, a Heroes vs. Villains 2 seems like a logical idea for a future returnee season. In today's feature article American Ozlet Jordan Rose presents his ideal line up for a second Heroes vs. Villains, drawing his cast from season 18 through to season 32. Read on to find out who are the new school heroes and villains.

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Jud “Fabio” Birza Nicaragua

First up on the male heroes side is the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua, arguably one of the least memorable of all seasons. Fabio was a great character despite getting limited visibility in many early episodes. He used his goofy and apparently clueless persona to his strategic advantage, causing his opponents to view him as a nonthreat until the final six. From then on, he won the final three immunities and put himself in the final tribal council. He had no enemies on the jury and earned a 5-4-0 victory over Chase and Sash after giving a great final tribal council performance.

Caleb Reynolds Kaoh Rong

Caleb only lasted four episodes in Kaoh Rong, but he was memorable in all of them. Going all out in the challenges, #BeastModeCowboy was portrayed as a hero from the start, despite being a bumbling villain on Big Brother. His medical evacuation was one of the most dramatic moments in the show’s history, and the graphic on the screen after he was helicoptered out foreshadowed a return, which we need to see soon.

Hayden Moss Blood vs. Water

Caleb’s fellow Big Brother alumnus fared very well in the game, being voted out at the first final five. After being in the majority alliance through the first part of the merge, Hayden tried to turn the tables on Tyson and Gervase but found himself in the minority heading into the final six Tribal Council. There, he convinced Ciera to flip to join himself and Katie, allowing himself to advance farther in the game. His defiance to Tyson and Gervase gave him a worthy title of hero and he needs to come back, where I believe his chances of winning, like he did in Big Brother, are very good.

Dave Ball Samoa

Believe it or not, we’ve had four returnees from Samoa (both Russells, Monica Padilla and Laura Morett), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more great cast members from that season. Dave Ball was one of the wittiest characters in the show’s history (“If this vote tonight goes the way I am expecting it to go… I will be shocked”), giving awesome confessionals and standing up to Russell when he was down in the numbers. Danger Dave is a great candidate for a return and it’s a shame we didn’t see more of him in Samoa.

Tai Trang Kaoh Rong

The fan favorite from the most recent season (at the time of this article), Tai’s story arc was both compelling and complicated. He started out heroic, then turned villainous after teaming up with Scot and Jason. After standing up to them by keeping his hidden immunity idol, he switched sides. And of course, Mark the Chicken. Though he had no chance to win, his determination, heart and personality endeared him to the fans as well as his tribemates. Tai is a ratings draw and needs to come back soon.

Holly Hoffman – Nicaragua

Holly had a horrible start in Nicaragua, going through a meltdown, stealing Dan’s shoes and almost quitting. After the tribe swap, she got herself into an alliance with the younger members of her new tribe to get herself further in the game. However, what earned Holly the title of Hero was when she gave up a reward in Episode 12 to give the tribe rice and a tarp, after their original supplies were destroyed in a fire. She made it to the Final Four, where she was voted out due to being a jury threat.

Natalie Anderson – San Juan del Sur

The first and only female winner on this cast list, Natalie’s game was basically dormant in the early parts of the season, then kicked into high gear after her good friend Jeremy was voted out. She managed her alliance throughout the rest of the post-merge, and gaining favor with the jury with her strong social game. Her biggest move of playing an idol to save Jaclyn not only solidified Jaclyn’s trust, but it also got out an unpopular player with the jury (Baylor). Natalie was a spectacular winner, and it would be fun to see what she would do on a return.

Carolyn Rivera – Worlds Apart

In a season filled with bad blood and ugly confrontations, Carolyn was a breath of fresh air. Her determination, toughness and personality allowed her to form alliances, win challenges, and gain her tribemates’ respect. She made it all the way to the final three where, without Mike, she would have had a really good chance to win. I believe that Carolyn is the type of “tough mom” that can win Survivor by ingratiating herself into her tribe, and therefore making it far on a return.

Jaclyn Schultz – San Juan del Sur

At first glance, Jaclyn may not seem to be a great choice for a female hero. But, I believe there were elements of Jaclyn’s story that were left unsaid in San Juan del Sur, mainly because she was overshadowed by her then-boyfriend Jon. She was mostly invisible in the pre-merge and finally got a good amount of camera time in the finale. Her story of being unable to bear kids and overcoming adversity to make it to the final three makes her a worthy candidate for return.

Taj Johnson-George – Tocantins

The only member of the Jalapao Three who hasn’t returned, Taj is a slam-dunk choice for a female hero. She started off slowly, almost being voted out just before the merge. However, her alliance with Stephen and J.T. was able to infiltrate the Timbira alliance, enabling themselves to reach the Final Four. There, Taj was voted out as a jury threat. Her likeability was such that, at the auction, everyone gave their money to her so she could see a video of her family. I feel she would do very well on a return and it’s a real shame she hasn’t come back yet.

Male Alternates:  Mike Holloway – Worlds Apart, Greg “Tarzan” Smith – One World

Female Alternates: Trish Hegarty – Cagayan, Ashley Underwood – Redemption Island


Marty Piombo – Nicaragua

Marty was presented as an antagonist pretty much from the start of Nicaragua, arrogantly declaring himself as in control of the tribe and playing an aggressive strategic game. He felt in control of the game just before the switch where, unfortunately, he found himself in the minority. After barely making the merge, he was voted out in 11th place. Marty is long overdue for a return, and it would be interesting to see how he would do.

Jim Rice – South Pacific

A candidate to return for Season 31, Jim played a quiet game for the first few episodes of South Pacific, then took control of his tribe shortly before the pre-merge. After Cochran’s flip on the Savaii tribe in the merge episode, he blasted Cochran for making the move to effectively end his tribe’s chances of making it to the end of the game. Jim has a lot of potential in the game and is a worthy candidate for a return as a Villain.

Troyzan Robertson – One World

If there was ever a reason to re-watch One World, it would probably be Troyzan. He was a major character throughout the season, mainly as an antagonist towards the women. He played a quiet early game, mostly letting others control the tribe. After going down in the numbers after the merge, he became a thorn in the women’s sides, both by playing an immunity idol and winning an immunity challenge (“This is MY island!”). Troyzan is another great candidate for a return, and would be once again fun to watch.

Pete Yurkowski – Philippines

Pete was one of the early stars of the Philippines season, keeping the Tandang Tribe entertaining despite not attending Tribal Council. He worked closely with one of the greatest female villains in Survivor history, and stirred up his fair share of trouble around camp, including creating a rift between allies Abi and R.C. After getting out R.C. at the first post-merge Tribal, the Tandang alliance fractured and he was voted out at 8th place. Pete would be a deserving returnee and a definite Villain.

Rodney Lavoie Jr. – Worlds Apart

From episode one of Worlds Apart, Rodney was one of the most entertaining characters in recent seasons. He was in at least some control of the majority for much of the game, including the post-merge when he formed a strong cross-tribal alliance. However, he also got into multiple conflicts with his tribemates, complained about not going on rewards and washing dishes on his damn birthday, and had temper tantrums when things didn’t go his way. But, on top of all this, he still had a reasonable chance to win because of his charm and ability to make people laugh. Rodney needs to return, and soon.

Stephanie Valencia – Redemption Island

Stephanie’s case for being a female villain is simple: She worked with Russell in Redemption Island when no one else wanted anything to do with him. She stood by Russell until he was voted out, but was able to stick around for a few more episodes. In her own right, she had attitude and a spunky personality, always letting people know where they stood with her. Stephanie was a candidate for a return in Season 31, and I believe she would have added plenty of entertainment to that season.

Alicia Rosa – One World

Of the women in One World, Alicia was probably the biggest character. She was in the majority alliance for the entire season staring on Day One. After the switch in Episode Five, she teamed up with Colton to run their new tribe, and joined him in being antagonistic to the minority. After the merge, she became somewhat of a background character and was voted out in fifth place.

Christine Shields Markoski – South Pacific

One of the early stars of South Pacific, Christine right away put herself on the outs with the entire cast by saying that Ozzy and Coach were “temporary players”. After Coach was put on her tribe, he immediately targeted her and voted her out at their first Tribal Council. On Redemption Island, she continued to act coldly towards her former tribemates while winning five consecutive duels.

Debbie Wanner – Kaoh Rong

As far as overall female characters go, Debbie is easily one of the most entertaining. Self-described as being like Coach, she was dead-on correct in almost every way. She bossed people around camp, cheered on her tribemates with palm fronds, had about 46 jobs, and was overall eccentric and scheming. And on top of all of that, she was in control of her alliance right up until she was voted out in Episode Nine. Debbie deserves a return shot, where she should once again add a lot of entertainment.

Erinn Lobdell – Tocantins

As far as Day 38 vote-outs go, Erinn is probably one of the least-remembered, as she was overshadowed by many other characters throughout the season. However, she was a very entertaining character in her own right, always being snarky in confessionals, smiling evilly, and scheming within her own alliance. After the merge, she broke apart from the Timbira Tribe to further herself in the game, landing herself in the Final Three. Though perhaps forgotten by casuals, Erinn is a great underdog candidate for a return and would be sure to be a Villain.

Male Alternates: Tony Vlachos – Cagayan, John Rocker – San Juan del Sur

Female Alternates: Lisa Whelchel – Philippines, Lindsey Cascaddan – Worlds Apart

What do you think of Jordan’s cast list? Who are you happy to see included? Which new school players do you feel missed out? Comment below to let us know your list!


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7 Comments on Casting A New School Heroes vs. Villains

  1. Where is Tony? he is the biggest new school villain by far. He should not be alternative LOL

  2. Are you guys doing a report card for Kaoh Rong? And how would Jason not be at least an alternate for the villains?

  3. Zach Chong // May 30, 2016 at 10:24 am // Reply

    I wouldnt want any pre-mergers back for a big HvV, to be honest, the same way I didnt want pre-mergers on Cambodia (although, Kelley proved me wrong).

    Instead of Caleb, Stephanie, and Christine, Id have: Jaison, Aubry and Cydney.

    That being said, the picks for the season are great. Except for Tai being a hero. I see Tai as a villain. Id have Carter Williams instead of Tai. But, Id put Tai in the villains and take out John Rocker.

  4. Also In HvV 16 people had made finals and the other 4 were post merge. Thats why it was so good because everyone knew how to play the game well

  5. I feel like if they were to bring Danger Dave back (and they should) they would put him on the Villains tribe.

  6. Yes to Taj! Meh to many of the others, particularly the Villains. I like Debbie but never saw her as a villain though.

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